Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

Through its business activities in developing, manufacturing and selling precision functional parts for transportation equipment, Showa Corporation will actively undertake Earth environment conservation activities by establishing an environmental policy, to achieve harmony with nature and the environment and peaceful coexistence with regional society. Showa Corporation is committed:

  1. To complying with legal requirements related to the environment and other requirements necessary in undertaking business activities.
  2. To setting environmental objectives and goals and to periodically reviewing them.
  3. To building an environmental management system to continuously improve it and to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. To recycling materials and saving resources and energy throughout the life cycle of the development, manufacturing, selling, servicing and discarding of products.
  5. To minimizing waste and contaminants that are generated at each stage of the product manufacturing process and to handling them appropriately.
  6. To disseminating the corporate environmental policy to all the employees of the Company and to all persons working for the Company.
  7. To disclosing the corporate environmental policy to the public as required.

Environmental Activities

Showa Corporation is actively undertaking activities in accordance with the environmental management system (EMS) by acquiring certification for the International Standard ISO 14001 - Environmental management systems.

Prevention of Global Warming To reduce CO2 emissions (per million yen of sales), which are generated through corporate activities, by more than 3% compared with fiscal year 2013 until the end of fiscal year 2016.
Promotion of Energy Saving To reduce energy consumption (crude oil equivalent per one million yen of rough added value) by more than 1% compared with the previous fiscal year.
Resource-saving Activities.
  1. To continue a recycling rate of industrial waste of 85% or higher until fiscal year 2020.
  2. To continue to reduce the amount of industrial waste directly landfilled to zero.
Compliance with environmental laws and regulations To implement compliance of laws and regulations verified by two parties.
Peaceful coexistence with the community To actively undertake social contribution activities.
Environment conservation activity To maintain and to continuously improve the environmental management system.