Acceptance proposals with regard to purchasing

Procurement items

The following is a list of our company’s major procurement items.

Rubber parts oil seals Bearing bushing shaft bushes
Springs raw materials & parts Electrical parts and fittings
Resin parts sheet metal parts sintered parts
steel, aluminum, forged parts heat-treated parts casting parts
Machine processed parts screw and threaded parts surface treated parts

Request for Proposals

Showa welcomes the submission of any proposals dealing with new technologies and/or new processes supported by high cost performance.

  • If you wish to pursue a transaction, please submit an overview of your company and the details of your proposal written on the form below.
  • With regard to the input information noted on the form, all information will be handled by our company with full regard to appropriate security measures, and such information will not be released, disclosed, or submitted to any third parties without the consent of the submitter. However we ask that you do not include any information that might be considered confidential information about your company.
  • Please note that we cannot accept any inquiries with regard to issues other than request for proposals.

Proposal Form