Since its establishment in 1938, as a precision functional parts supplier for the transportation industry, the Showa Corporation has continued to strive to make quality parts that have been supplied to customers throughout the world. With respect to the evolution and supply destinations of our technology, both the role of Showa within the industry and its responsibility that accompanies anticipated expansions supply destination and of a product range in an age of rapid change, the requirements and demands of our customers continue to expand year after year.

 In order to achieve these expectations, the foundation of the Showa philosophy continues to remain the active conduct of business. Sharing information with all members of the Showa Group remains a basic tenet of this philosophy.
As we practice Showa Philosophy as basis of conduct, all stakeholders including our customers, clients, employees, stockholders and investors, as well as our regional and local societies, etc., continue to gather around the Showa Corporation and strive to communicate with each other. This, in turn, generates trust, and as we continue to uphold our social responsibilities, our company becomes a “company to be proud of” among our employees, and to society, it serves as a goal for us to become “a company whose very existence is filled with expectations”.

Nobuyuki Sugiyama