Our Principles

SHOWA hopes to serve as a reliable and prospective company for customers and society, and we think it is important that each SHOWA employee act with self-awareness. Therefore, we have compiled a list of efforts made in our relations with customers, suppliers, and society, as introduced below in order to share and implement the concepts among all SHOWA affiliates throughout the world.


  • We shall correctly comprehend and observe all relevant laws, regulations and internal regulations, and act sensibly and ethically as responsible members of society.
  • When an act or possible cause of violating laws, regulations, internal regulations or business ethics is discovered, we shall consult with, suggest the improvement to, and/or report it to our superiors or the Compliance Hotline.

Respect for Human Rights

  • We shall respect human rights, and will not permit discrimination or harassment of any kind, regardless of whether it is sexually or power-based oriented.

Preservation of Environment

  • We shall strive for the efficient utilization and recycling of resources, and ensure proper processing of waste and contaminated materials.

Social Contribution

  • We shall be good citizens and contribute actively to the society around us.

Traffic Safety

  • We shall observe traffic rules and manners and strive to drive safely.
  • We shall not drink and drive, nor request any passenger who has been drinking to drive.

Safety and Sanitation

  • We shall strive to create a safe and sanitary working environment, and do our best to prevent disasters.
  • If a disaster occurs, we shall give top priority to human life and safety.

Disclosure of Corporate Information

  • We shall disclose corporate information fairly and appropriately to the shareholders, investors, and society in general.

Information Management

  • We shall not abuse or divulge confidential information about our own company, information of business partners, or personal information of customers and employees.
  • We shall properly control security by locking equipment and fixtures, and managing computers and their passwords, etc.

Fair Trade

  • We shall always do business fairly with our customers and suppliers.
  • We shall not give or receive any gift or entertainment that exceeds the fair scope of business practices and general social common sense.

Emphasizing Quality

  • In all aspects of our business activities, quality shall be our first consideration.