Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

Through our business operations of developing, manufacturing, and selling precision functional parts for transport, we have developed methods of harmonizing with the natural environment and coexisting with local communities, and are proactively engaged in global environmental conservation.

Conduct Guideline

  1. Observe and obey all environmentally-related requirements, legal and otherwise, in the course of our business operations.
  2. Establish environmental objectives, review them regularly, and work towards their continuous improvement.
  3. Strive to develop earth-friendly products.
  4. Engage in resource and energy conservation, recycling efforts, and chemical substance management of materials throughout the lifecycle of our products, which includes their development, manufacture, sale, servicing, and disposal.
  5. Endeavor to minimize and appropriately dispose of waste matter and contaminants that form during each stage of the product manufacturing process.
  6. Participate in environmental preservation activities as a collective member of the local community.

Environmental Activities

Having acquired ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management, SHOWA CORPORATION operates in accordance with its environmental management system (EMS).
■Application of the environmental management system includes the following offices:
(1) Saitama, (2) Tochigi, (3) Hadano, (4) Gotemba, and (5) Asaba

Prevention of global warming Reduce specific energy consumption by an average of at least 1% over 5 years, and promote energy conservation and reduced CO2 emissions.
Resource-saving activities
  1. Continue to achieve an industrial waste recycling rate of at least 85% until 2020.
  2. Continue to achieve "zero" direct landfill disposal of industrial waste.
Compliance with environmental laws and regulations Evaluate legal compliance each business year and confirm evaluation implementation.
Peaceful coexistence with community Actively undertake social contribution activities.
Environmental conservation activities Maintain and continuously improve the environmental management system.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

System Assessing Companies By Class - Acquired "S Class" 5 Years in a Row

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy operates the "System Assessing Companies By Class" to promote even further rational use of energy by business operators using energy at factories and the like. This system announces business operators with excellent energy-saving, thus aiming to promote objective awareness within companies about the status of their own energy-saving efforts.

Showa's energy-saving results have been praised in this system in the past, and we have been recognized as a business operator with excellent energy-saving in FY 2015, FY 2016, FY 2017, FY 2018, and FY 2019, meaning we have achieved the "S Class" 5 years in a row.
Moving forward, we will continuously strive to reduce the burden on the environment and contribute to the development of sustainable society.
(Showa's results for the System Assessing Companies By Class, from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy website)

What is the System Assessing Companies By Class ?

In accordance with the following evaluation system, "S Class" business operators are announced as business operators with excellent energy-saving.

All business operators that submit periodical reports pursuant to the Act on the Rational Use of Energy are divided into 4 classes (S, A, B, and C). An appropriate response is implemented according to that class.
System Assessing Companies By Class

*1 Effort target: Reduce unit consumption over 5 year average by 1% or more
*2 Benchmark target: Standard to be aimed for in the mid-to long-term by business operators in the applicable industries and fields of the benchmark system.
Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy website