Message from the President of SHOWA CORPORATION

Since its founding in 1938 as a manufacturer of precision functional parts for transportation, SHOWA CORPORATION has worked hard to produce quality parts and provide better products for customers around the world. Along with advances in technology, expanding supply destinations and product lines, and changes in the requirements of customers and the times, SHOWA CORPORATION's expected roles and responsibilities have grown with each passing year.

To meet these expectations, we will always place the SHOWA Philosophy as the basis to all of our business activities. This Philosophy is shared to all people in the SHOWA Group. While being in communication to every of SHOWA's surrounding stakeholders, our customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, investors, the local community and society, we actively practise the SHOWA Philosophy to contribute to a sustainable development of society by respecting the nature and carrying out our social responsibilities.

Nobuyuki Sugiyama
President and Representative Director

Showa Group CSR Policy ISO 26000 Comparison Table