The Showa Philosophy

The Showa Philosophy

Our Fundamental Beliefs

Respect for the individuals (Trust / Fairness / Independence)

The three pillars of Showa’s philosophy of “Respect for the Individual” are: trust, fairness, and independence.


“Trust” means to build a mutually respectable relationship where one always considers others and respects the opinions and situations of others in good faith.


“Fairness” means that, given that everyone is equal, every individual is given equal opportunity, regardless of his/her individual attributes such as nationality, gender, or educational background.


“Independence” means to act according to one’s freely held ideas and beliefs with passion and responsibility in a trusting and fair environment.

Our Corporate Principle

With the of becoming a global company trusted by customers throughout the world, we are committed to making continuous innovations in order to be able to provide superior products using the most advanced technologies and the highest quality to meet the needs of our users.

Policies of Conduct

  1. Let actions be driven by ideals and visions.
  2. Value time and ideas, and approach problems based upon fundamentals and principles.
  3. Place value on communications and fully understand the situations of others.
  4. Maintain operational transparency and soundness.
  5. Always be aware of environmental preservation and make contributions to the community and society.