Health and Safety Initiatives

Fundamental Policies for Health and Safety

As we execute our work activities, it is most important for us to be able to work every day and at the same time, experience safe working conditions and good health on the job. -- From granted safety precautions to a self-made safe environment. As we move from our personal surroundings to our work sites, and as we move about in broad society, a basic company-wide safety and hygiene policy is one way to build a better environment for us all. For this reason, we strive to achieve a working environment where we can all work in safety.

System Organization

Organizational Structure Purpose
Central safety hygiene committee This committee is with a following aim. Implement the labour safety hygienic preventive maintenance measure in the entire company. Plan high rank levelling of the active level of business office safety hygiene committee. Work and construct the easy office environment with safety.
Business office safety hygiene committee This committee aims to investigate and discuss an employee with regard to health and safety and plan propulsion of safety hygiene activity in the business office and thoroughness.

Safety and Hygiene Activity Initiative

Safety and hygiene activity from the worker’s perspective
  • KY (prospects of danger) activities, close calls, the expansion of Safety QC Circles
  • Traffic safety educational campaign enhancement
Security of production facilities
  • Establishing risk awareness
  • Establishing equipment and facility reliability verification
Safety training execution
  • Management supervisor education、KYT(prospects of danger training)education, dangerous situation first-hand education
  • Education by level
Hygiene activities development
  • Health management by work site nurses
  • Expansion of development of mental health care by industrial physicians and cooperation with specialized agencies
  • Expansion of improved working environments

Traffic safety outreach activities initiatives

As a member of the automotive industry, the Showa Corporation encourages the observance of all traffic rules, persistence in abiding with traffic manners, and the expansion of safety activities throughout our regional society.