Privacy Policy

Date of enactment: April 1, 2005
Nobuyuki Sugiyama

SHOWA CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as ‘the Company’) constantly strives to be recognized as a company that trusted by society aims at being a trusted company from society by incorporating all aspects of the Private Information Protection Law and by the appropriate protection and utilization of any private information.

1. Providing and utilizing private information

In case the Company asks the Customers to provide any personal information, we clarify the purposes of the use, and make sure that the information will be used only for the purposes expressed. In case the Company needs to use any of this information beyond the expressed purposes, we contact our Customers in advance.

2. Management of personal information

Personal information from our Customers is managed under strict confidential guidelines. We strive to prevent the information from being lost, disclosed, diversified, and/or falsified in any manner.

3. Providing personal information to third parties

In principle, the Company does not provide the Customers’ private information to third parties without the prior consent of the Customers. However, if required by law, we may obliged to provide such private information.

4. References and amendments of private information

When the Customers refer to the site for their own private information in order to make amendments or deletions, we take appropriate measures within a reasonable range to identify the Customers prior to allowing their access.

5. Access log

When the Customers access the Company’s website, the log information is recorded in the site automatically. This information is used for statistical analysis of Customer usage and to establish further convenience in the future. This access log does not retain any of the Customers’ private information which may identify a person using a website and read by a third party.

6. Cookies

In principle, the Company does not use ‘cookies’ in our website. ‘Cookies’, web text files, are used for the servers’ computers to identify the Customers’ computers. When the Customers visit our website, ‘cookies’ are sent to the Customers’ computers.

7. For more information

Any contacts and/or inquiries should be sent to the Company’s website.

Contents of the Privacy Policy are subject to change without prior notice. Explanations for all changes will be included on the website as needed.

All categories and contents noted above are applicable only in Japan.