Automotive:Gas Springs

Functions and Roles

The power of the gas spring helps to open the heavy rear gate(or tail gate). Gas springs are products on 4-wheel vehicles that assist in the opening and closing of automobile engine compartment hoods and rear gates, using gas reaction force. The gas reaction in the spring can change, depending upon the environmental temperature, thus equipped with speed-adjustment devices that enable operators to open and close the hood and trunk at optimal speed.

Types of Gas Springs

Gas Springs

Standard type

Uses reaction of an compressed air to generate damping to prevent rapid opening.

2-motion type

Can be stopped at pre-set intermediate range.

Free lock type

Through the motion of the ends of the push rods, the movement can be stopped at any stroke location.

SHOWA'S Approach

Showa can offer an excellent gas spring with high durability and a comfortable feeling of operation at a low cost through a high level of quality control. Fully equipped opening/closing devices for vehicle's doors and gates makes it possible to tune both the power and speed of opening and closing that respond to the needs of durability testing.