Automotive Products:Power Steering Systems

Functions and Roles

"Turning" is a basic function of the vehicle born by steering sysytem which changes the direction of the vehicle by turning tires through steering wheel operation. Power steering is a device providing comfortable operation to the driver though steering wheel operation assistance (lighter feel).

Types of Power Steering Systems

Dual pinion assisted electronic power steering [DPA-EPS]

Dual pinion assisted electronic power steering

The steering rack is equipped with two pinions, one of which connects the steering shaft in a conventional manner, and the other of which connects the power assist motor. This achieves smooth initial turning or turning back of a steering wheel, giving the driver an excellent steering feel.

Technological Information [DPA-EPS]

Pinion assisted [PA-EPS]

Pinion assisted electronic power steering [PA-EPS]

The power-assisting section of this system is arranged in the pinion-shaft (input-shaft) section. This is a suitable system for compact cars, from small cars using brush motors and those using brushless motors appropriate for high-grade compact cars with high performance / high output. Showa offers a large lineup of product variations.

Rack assisted (coaxial type) [RA-EPS]

Rack assisted electronic power steering [RA-EPS]

This type has a hollow shaft motor arranged coaxially on the circumference of the rack bar in the power-assisting section. This system directly assists the output shaft through a ball screw, it is highly rigid and provides a smooth steering feel designed to deliver a large power output for both mid-sized and full-sized cars.

Hydraulic power steering [HPS]

Hydraulic power steering [HPS]

This is a system designed to assist the operation of the rack bar by generating oil pressure in the pump with the engine's output. Energy savings achieved by utilizing the variable capacity pump. Showa offers a large lineup of product variations applicable to cars ranging from Mini cars to large large-sized (luxuary) cars.

Power assist unit

Power assist unit

This is an general-purpose power assist unit that applies PA-EPS technology into another Showa product.
This unit is applicable for providing steering power assistance in ATVs and other small vehicles.