Automotive Products:Shock Absorbers

Functions and Roles

The shock absorber is installed between the car body and the tire, along with a spring. Elasticity of a spring damp shocks from road surface, however,it causes vehicle to vibrate due to its resilience characteristics. The part serves to damp shocks is referred to as a "shock absorber", and viscous resistance force is referred to as "damping force".
Shock absorbers are a critical product that determines an automobile's character, not only by improving ride quality but also by functioning to control the attitude and stability of the vehicle.

Types of Shock Absorbers

Showa Super Empowering Efficient Suspension [S-SEES]

Showa Super Empowering Efficient Suspension

The basic performance of a conventional damper is improved by focusing on and minimizing the difference between the static friction and dynamic friction inside the damper.

Sensitive Frequency Response Damper〔SFRD〕

Sensitive Frequency Response Damper [SFRD]

This adopts a mechanical-type structure that automatically adjusts the damping force based on the frequency of the vibrations transmitted from the road surface, achieving a high level of both operation stability and ride comfort.

Technological Information [SFRD]

電子制御式ダンパー [IECAS]

Intelligent Electronic Control Adaptive Suspension [IECAS]

Independently developed estimation technology makes it possible to calculate damper velocities from existing CAN information with high accuracy. This achieves both operation stability and ride comfort, and greatly reduces road noise.

Technological Information [IECAS]