Basic Purchasing Policy

The Showa Corporation strives to become a company whose very existence rely on the expectations from potential customers throughout the world. In order to procure superb materials and parts based on issues such as quality, technology, value and the environmental considerations from throughout the world, our Purchasing Division strives to promote various initiatives directed towards our goal of coexistence and co-prosperity by thoroughly carrying out impartial and fair transactions with all of our parts and component suppliers.

Open and Fair Procurements

With regard to those who wish to carry out transactions with the Showa Corporation, regardless of whether they may be domestic or international enterprises, our doors are always wide open to carrying out open and fair transactions. The same holds true when selecting new suppliers, since Showa always carries out comprehensive considerations in terms of quality, technology, value, the environmental consideration, deliveries, etc.

Building partnerships with our parts and compornent suppliers

We believe maintaining transactions with mutual understanding and on equal footing with our suppliers is of the utmost importance. Showa respects the autonomy of its suppliers and strives to build excellent partnerships based upon our coexistence and co-prosperity.

The Promotion of Green Procurements

Our goal is to purchase materials and parts that reduces burden on the environment from those companies with keep consideration taken to preservation of environment.

Thorough compliance and confidentiality

With regard to our purchasing activities, Showa complies with all pertinent rules and regulations and remains thoroughly strict about all matters of confidentiality.