BFF & BFRC-lite(Balance Free Front Fork)

 Showa's unique “balance-free suspension technology” has supported the Kawasaki Racing Team, contributing to their winning of 2013 and 2015 seasons' series championships in the WSBK – the race for tuned versions of motorcycles available in the market. The “balance-free technology” which supported those races was directly fed back to the mass production design of “BFF™ /BFRC-lite™”. With an in-line piston configuration, the hydraulic circuit that eliminates the pressure balance fluctuations and the nitrogen gas pressurization enable the damping force with quick responsiveness to piston stroke. Showa launched the sale of option parts ”BFF™ Premium Upgrade Kit / BFRC-lite™ Premium Upgrade Kit” in Europe and Japan in the summer of 2016, so that the riders can enjoy the same level of performance as the racing machine.

Damping force generating valves are located in one place to improve responsiveness

 In conventional dampers where the damping piston moves back and force in the oil-filled cylinder, the fluctuations in the pressure balance between the damping pressure generated by the main piston and the damping pressure generated by the sub‐piston with the rod pushed in were affecting damper's responsiveness and ride feel. Showa’s “Balance Free” products, “BFF™” (Balance Free Front Fork) and “BFRC lite ™” (Balance Free Rear Cushion Light), are designed so that the piston does not generate damping force inside the cylinder, instead the damping mechanism is provided outside the cylinder for pressurization to improve responsiveness. BFF is incorporated in the front fork's axle holder and BFRC‐lite is ncorporated in rear cushion's upper metal.
 These products were designed to provide riders with stable traction even during cornering when the suspension strokes. The balance-free structure, with a minimum damping generation time lag, also provides toughness against disturbances and realizes stable operation so that riders can feel their “riding skills have improved” even when riding straight.

Mass-production parts use forged axle holder for the first time

 In order to apply racing technology to massproduction design, Showa has introduced for the first time the forged axle holder to increase marketability and producibility. By taking advantage of an inline piston unit, this product has an independent damping force adjustment mechanism in the rebound side and compression side, which can be an added value for riders to enjoy one’s preference. Using the balance‐free structure as the base, this product satisfies the durability required for production vehicles, with considerations given to the seals and oil-return passages. The BFRC-lite™ is compact and significantly lighter than its previous model.

BFF & BFRC-lite(Balance Free Front Fork)BFF & BFRC-lite(Balance Free Front Fork)

※These photos are high performance suspension for super sports released from SPK Co., Ltd.