EERA(Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment) SHOWA EERA Balance Free Damping Force

 Showa has developed a unique electronically controlled hydraulic valve exclusive to motorcycle dampers, while conventional valves were normally the conversion from those used for automobiles. The valve characteristics optimized for motorcycle application have realized superior handling stability and ride comfort. A stroke sensor necessary for fine electronic control is embedded inside to reduce the size. Showa will be committed to develop a series of products using motorcycle-specific electronic-control technologies, which we call as SHOWA EERA™, to help the motorcycle become more intelligent and have higher performance.

To realize superior handling performance and ride comfort that are almost near the ideal.

 The market shares of European high-end motorcycles, especially on-road sport models and dual-purpose models, equipped with electronically controlled dampers are rapidly growing. While it was known that the use of an electronically controlled damper helps motorcycle to achieve both the handling performance and ride comfort, the characteristics of conventional dampers were not really optimal for motorcycle application as they were mostly converted from automobile dampers.
 Showa, therefore, has newly developed an electronically-controlled hydraulic valve best suited to realize damping characteristics required by the motorcycle damper. We completed the design and verification of the electronically-controlled hydraulic valve that can generate ideal damping force quickly and accurately, and have reached the stage where mass production is possible.

Contribute to the reduction of vehicle size and weight

 This electronically-controlled damper has a stroke sensor necessary for electronic control embedded inside, which contributes to the reduction of vehicle size and weight.
 Showa has also developed a unique ECU and its software. By incorporating the know-how nurtured through long-years of development of motorcycle dampers, Showa has established technologies that enable the total suspension system to realize improved traction performance in case of Sport motorcycles, improved travelling on rough roads in case of Dual-Purpose motorcycles, and improved ride feel even during long-distance touring in case of American Tourers.

EERA(Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment)EERA(Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment)