If you ride a tall motorcycle like adventure models, it could be difficult to put your feet flat on the ground. While some OEM offer motorcycles designed with shorter suspension stroke to solve this problem, SHOWA has developed "SHOWA EERA® HEIGHTFLEX®" which satisfies both the good travel performance on rough roads and the easier ground reaching, which are two conflicting objectives.
 The stroke sensor detects the vehicle height to optimize the front/end heights during travelling, and when the vehicle comes to a stop, the vehicle height is automatically lowered to make it significantly easier for the rider to reach the ground. While some large tourer/adventure models are equipped with a device that uses a motor to supply oil to change spring preload, the Technical Information "SHOWA EERA® HEIGHTFLEX®" uses a hydraulic jack having a self-pumping system operated by oil supplied through the extension/contraction of the damper to change spring preload, and therefore is light, compact, power saving and can be offered at a lower price.

This is the world's first height adjustment technology that combines the selfpumping function and the electronically controlled hydraulic valve that controls oil supply.

 To change the vehicle height, the spring preload needs to be adjusted by a hydraulic jack. The "SHOWA EERA® HEIGHTFLEX®" utilizes the oil flow generated by damper strokes instead of using a motor. The electronically controlled hydraulic valve provided in the oil passage changes the oil flow to release the oil inside the hydraulic jack into the reservoir tank to lower the vehicle height just before the bike comes to a stop. To raise the height after starting travelling, the oil is fed into the jack to increase spring preload. During travelling when the optimal height needs to be maintained, the electronically controlled hydraulic valve is on/off controlled to keep the hydraulic jack in the fixed position, and the oil flows back and forth between the damper body and reservoir tank as in conventional dampers.

 This system is designed so that the height is lowered just before the vehicle comes to a stop, where the timing of opening the electronically controlled valve is controlled by vehicle speed and deceleration G, which takes only about a second. The height is raised completely in about 30 seconds after starting on normal paved roads.

 This system is set so that during travelling the stoke sensor provided on the suspension detects suspension movements, and regardless of solo, tandem or load conditions, the height is automatically adjusted to an appropriate position. The rider can also select his/her preferred height.

 When mounted on large tourer models, this system not only offers easier ground reach but also emphasizes its low-long form, making riders also enjoy the style of motor cycle.