In May 2017, Showa announced the commercialization of our motorcycle-specific electronic control technologies as “SHOWA EERA® (Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment)" Series and launched the production of "SHOWA EERA® Balance Free Damping Force", as the first of the series, for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE.
 In 2018 EICMA, we announced a cartridge structure-based "SHOWA EERA® SFF-CA" as the latest technology of "SHOWA EERA®" Series to be commercialized for dventure and tourer models. While most of the conventional dampers were using electronically controlled hydraulic valves converted from those of automobiles, Showa has developed motorcycle-specific electronically Technical Information controlled hydraulic valves. The valve characteristics optimized for motorcycle application have realized superior handling stability and ride comfort. Addition of electronically controlled hydraulic valves in parallel to the damping force generating mechanism makes the existing conventional damper electronically controllable without affecting the basic performance.

The second of the SHOWA EERA® Damping Force series developed for adventure and tourer models with long suspension stroke.

 Showa is dedicated to developing electronic control technologies for motorcycles to deliver a richer riding experience to all riders according to their purposes, physiques or travelling conditions. We have been engaged in the development of variable damping force systems, height adjustment systems, steering damper systems and applications to operate these systems, and in May 2017, we named these development projects as "SHOWA EERA®" and are launching a series of products.

 The market shares of European high-end motorcycles equipped with electronically controlled dampers, especially on-road sports and adventure models, are rapidly growing. Although the electronically controlled damper helps the motorcycle achieve both better handling performance and ride comfort, the conventional electronically controlled dampers were not delivering optimal characteristics as they were, in most cases, converted from those of automobiles.

 Showa has developed electronically controlled hydraulic valves best suited to realize the damping characteristics required by motorcycle dampers. These valves make the existing conventional dampers electronically controllable without affecting the basic performance.

 This electronically controlled damper has a stroke sensor embedded inside to accurately detect vehicle's travelling conditions, which not only contributes to the reduction of vehicle size and weight but also provides quick response by calculating piston speed from the stroke sensor to reduce the rider's feeling of discomfort during turning out on road-mode and improve riding comfort. One of the positive comments we received from our external test driver during the development phase was that "although I often feel odd with an electric control, I find Showa's electronically controlled damper comparable in basic performance to conventional
dampers and the added functions by the control are a big advantage."

 Showa also has been independently developing ECUs and their control logic and software. By taking advantage of our know-how nurtured through many years of development of motorcycle dampers, we have established technologies that enable the total suspension system to realize improved traction performance in case of on-road sports models, improved travelling on rough roads in case of adventure models, and improved ride feel even during long-distance travelling in case of tourer models.

 Following last year's launch of "SHOWA EERA® Damping Force" for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE, we will expand its application to a wider range of motorcycles from on-road sports models to adventure models, and aggressively continue developing products with enhanced features centered on the "SHOWA EERA®" Series.