Website Policy

Uses of the website

  • This website is operated by SHOWA CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as ‘the Company’). Those who visit the site (hereafter referred to as ‘the Customers’) are advised to use this site after consenting to each of the following items.
  • The Customers can visit the website without having to disclose any personal information. Although the Company sometimes analyzes statistical tendencies, such as which pages are popular, no personal information will be utilized in the analysis.
  • The contents of this website are subject to change or disuse without prior notice.


  • The contents of this website (information, photographs, data, pictures, etc.) belong to the Company as copyrighted materials.
  • Aside from any contents which have been recognized as not be applicable to copyright laws, none of the contents of this website may be used, reprinted, reproduced, altered or redistributed for the purpose of personal use without permission from the Company.
  • Please obtain the permission of the Company before using any contents of this website.

Trademark rights

  • Individual trademarks, logotypes and trade names shown on this website are the properties of the Company or the holders of the individual rights. The use of these trademarks, logotypes and trade names without permission from the Company or the individual rights holders is prohibited under the Trademark Law and other laws except in cases which have been approved by any of the laws deemed applicable.


  • The Company will bear no responsibilities for errors in the information in the website, falsification of data by third parties, or impediments caused by downloading, etc., although the company makes every effort to pay the closest attention to the contents of the website for accuracy.
  • This website provides settlement of accounts and other information for the purpose of the timely and appropriate disclosure of information for our stockholders and investors. Along with other types of information, earnings estimates are made by the management based on information available at the time of the announcement and therefore involve risks and uncertainty. It is strongly advisable not to make investment decisions based solely on these forecasts. Please be advised that actual earnings may differ greatly from forecasts depending on various important factors surrounding the operations of the company, including the economy, market trends, and exchange rates of the Japanese yen, the US dollar, the Euro, and other currencies.

Managing personal information

  • The Customers may be asked voluntarily to provide personal information such as a name, an e-mail address, a telephone number and a residential address on this website. This personal information will be used only for the purpose specified in each case. The Company will never provide personal information of the Customers to third parties without prior consent from the Customers, except in case required by laws or regulations.
  • Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.
  • The Company bears no responsibilities for the protection of the Customers’personal information on third party websites linked to this website.

Linking to the website

  • When the Customers link to the Company’s website, please inform us about the operator (a name of the organization, a name of the person in charge and contact information), the purpose of the link to the site and the linked URL in advance from here. Under certain circumstances, some requests for linking from the Customers could be declined.